I live and create in Highland Park, Los Angeles with my boyfriend Sean and two dogs, Ace and Zinny. I mostly grew up in Reno, Nevada and spent almost four years in The Bay Area before moving to LA in 2014.

I am queer and would love to collaborate with other queer artists.

I make art with lots of different mediums. I would like to make art with you.

I sell clothes (mostly vintage) under the moniker Thriftlover

I love thrifting, laughing, clothes, colors, patterns, the abstract, humility, making things with my hands, dogs, people and lots of other stuff. I also dislike a lot of stuff, love to complain and cope daily with anxiety and depression. My art is a colorful meditation that helps me escape my anxiety.

I believe that black and brown lives matter and that families belong together. I believe this country needs gun reform now. I consider myself an intersectional feminist and support the rights and lives of marginalized citizens. I strive daily to acknowledge and address my white-cis entitlement and learn from the voices of the repressed. I believe that America is a complicated country built on deep set racism and zenophobia and that we must strive to create a better country and world. 

I think I'm pretty funny on twitter.

Sometimes I'm a photographer. Sometimes I'm a waitress/bartender. Sometimes I make websites and manage social media.

If you are interested in hiring me to do a custom piece or mural, email me!


Photograph by  Laura DeAngelis .

Photograph by Laura DeAngelis.